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5 Steps Towards a Smooth Cross-Country Move

5 Steps Towards a Smooth Cross-Country Move

Packing up the family and moving can be an incredibly stressful event. In fact, moving is often considered one of the top most stressful experiences of a lifetime. Now imagine moving across the entire country. The stress meter just rose past 10! That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are services and information available throughout the country designed to make a cross-country move easier and less hectic!

Color Coding

First off, purchase colored packing tape – a variety of colors. In addition to labeling each box with its particular room, designate a color and mark the box further. This allows you to grab a box quickly and move it where it needs to be.

Moving Journal

Journals are not just for teenage girls. A moving journal will help you keep track of all the minute details, including move contacts, to-do lists, inventory logs, receipts, notes, and photographs of the new home.

Packing Inventory

Speaking of an inventory record, a packing list will ensure you remain organized throughout the entire move. You’ll want to assign each box a number, then list its contents in an organized spreadsheet. Keep this inside your moving journal for the duration of the trip.

Plan Food Ahead of Time

Having to stop for fast-food throughout the day can take quite a toll on both your time frame and your wallet. It’s easier – and healthier – to plan ahead and make a few meals that can be eaten in the car while on the road. Sandwiches, salads, granola, and even a few snack foods work well.

Take Breaks

Many homeowners forget this, but taking a break while packing or driving is okay. You don’t need to accomplish everything in just one day. If you overwhelm yourself or your family, everyone is going to be exhausted and stressed.

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