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5 Tips for Moving in Autumn

Moving Tips Dayton, OHAs summer moves to autumn, there are a number of tips that you should follow when moving home. At American Way and Van, we’ve rounded up the top 5 tips you should adhere to.

Ensure your Boiler and Central Heating Works

One of the most important autumnal moving tips is to make sure that your new boiler and central heating have been serviced are working accordingly.  Not only is this important to ensure you have a warm and cozy house with running hot water, but this also ensures poisonous gasses aren’t being circulated throughout the house.

Organize Heating and Lighting before the Move

Before the day of the move, try and pay a visit to your new property to ensure that all the utilities have been set up correctly, particularly the lights and heating. The autumn months can drop in temperature on the run up to winter, so this is a pretty important step.

Clean out your Gutters

During the colder months, your drainage and gutters can suffer from the elements. This is why it’s important to clean them out before winter time as it avoids frozen pipes. There are a number of drain and gutter protectors on the market to prevent the buildup of leaves and other items.

Fix Double Glazing

If your new home doesn’t already have double glazing, you should seriously consider having this installed. As the colder months approach, you will very much appreciate the comfort and protection that double glazing offers.

Enlist the Help of American Way and Van

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