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Best Ways to Move Your Garden

At American Way Van & Storage, we know how important it is to move your garden with you when you relocate to your new home. We have established the following tips on how to best move your garden to your new place.

Prepare Your New Garden

In advance of moving, dig holes in your new garden in preparation for the arrival of your plants. Try and set this up in a shaded, airy area of the garden. By doing this, it means that your plants will be unearthed for the shortest time possible, and can be re-planted on arrival.

Moving Your Plants

Before you uproot your plants, trim and remove any shrubbery or stems to lessen the size and weight for transit. Ensure that you water each plant thoroughly before you dig them up as you don’t want the roots to dry out during transportation. To dig up your plants for moving, use a sharp shovel and safely cut round the base. Gently lift the plant from the ground and place it in a plant pot that has been pre-filled with compost.


Once you have transported your plants to your new garden, let the planting commence! Carefully place each plant in the pre-dug holes and water them all. Ensure that your plants are in the shade for the first few days to allow them to acclimatize to their new environment.

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