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Commercial Moving Checklist

Readying your office or entire business for a move is often more complicated than your average residential move. There are just so many moving parts to consider, and not to mention all the employees. Preparation is key. Ensuring everything on your moving list is finished is crucial to success. In fact, you should start your commercial moving checklist right this moment!

Time Frame and Schedule

Your first task is to set up a time frame and schedule. Set a concrete date when all items must be removed from the office space, which is your final move out date. Stick to this plan.

You may require a few days to load every box and item, depending on the amount of stuff your business has accumulated. Work backward. Make a list of everything you need to complete before the moving truck arrives.


When moving a business, you’re not the only person relocating. Every employee is as well. Ensure all employees are kept well-informed of the moving plans via an internal communications plan. You’ll want to set up an external strategy for clients and suppliers during the move, too. An eternal plan ensures everyone knows your business activities and work can continue during the transition.

Hire Movers

This item on your checklist seems straightforward, but you’d be surprised as to how many commercial entities choose to skip over a professional moving company. The support you receive from professional packers and movers, if your budget allows it, will be unmatched. The right moving company will save you time, money, and energy by packing up areas of the office that are the most difficult to handle. Employees can pack their desks; a moving company will handle the rest.

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