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Do’s and Don’ts for Ohio Summer Moves

Moving Home The Do’s

Recycle and get rid of stuff

Before packing anything, get rid of those notorious bits and bobs such as papers, trash and old items that are no longer needed or used. It’s so important to purge when moving home – this means getting rid of things that you ‘think’ you may have a use for but have in fact not used it in a very long time.

Set a deadline

Setting yourself a deadline and/or a timeline is an excellent way to stay organized throughout the move. To ensure you’re on track, set your deadline a little ahead of when you’re actually due to be moved out your existing home. This will give you plenty of time to get everything done.

Start little by little

There’s absolutely no need to throw yourself into the moving process. The best thing to do is start little by little. It’s often easier to start in a specific room and work your way through it until it’s done. This won’t always work for all rooms, however, but is a good start.

The Don’ts

Don’t throw away old clothes

Giving is caring, so if you have old clothes that you no longer wear and want to get rid of them, don’t just throw them out, donate them to friends, family or your local thrift or goodwill store. There is always someone who could benefit from the items you no longer need.

Tidy your old place of residence

Just because you’re no longer living there, there is absolutely no reason to leave the home that you move out of a mess. Think about the next resident who will be moving in – you wouldn’t want to find your new home in a state, so why should they?

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