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How to Efficiently Plan Your Office Move

Moving from office to another can be an extremely time-consuming and complex process. Between keeping everything organized and conducting the actual move, a company’s employees will most likely be preoccupied with the relocation for a fair amount of time. To help your office relocation go smoothly, here is a simple guide to rely on as you prepare.

  • Take note of how everything is set up in the old office. This will make the transition much easier, once all of the furniture and equipment has been transported to the new office.
  • Decide what needs to be improved at the future location. Knowing how to change things before you arrive in the new space will save you an abundance of time and energy.
  • Get rid of excess or purposeless furniture. If it will not benefit the future office space, then there is no reason to transport it.
  • Take note of how all the technology works in the current office. Re-connecting everything and keeping track of wires and cables can be a nightmare, so keep a record of how everything was set up originally.
  • Communicate clearly with employees. Everyone should be aware of their duties regarding the move, as well as important dates and instructions.
  • Come up with a move timeline that minimizes the disruption of business. Poor planning can mean days or even weeks of work are lost, so be sure to look ahead and evaluate the best course of action.
  • Hire a moving company that’s well-reviewed and praised for its skill. Nothing wrecks an office relocation process more than a team of movers that struggle to communicate or provide quality work.

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