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Self-Service Moving Truck Rental – Is It More Practical?

Self-service moving truckIt’s certainly no secret that moving can be expensive. That’s why many movers prefer to hire a self-service moving truck instead of hiring a professional moving company for a full moving service – they believe that it’s cheaper to do it themselves. However, with excellent moving package rates and the amount of work a DIY move can entail, it can be hard to determine which is best.

Compare Costs

First and foremost, you should compare the cost to rent self-service trucks from various companies. Quite often, it initially seems cheaper to simply hire a self-service moving truck, however, you must take into consideration that you get absolutely none of the add-ons or extras when you choose to only rent a truck. Usually, a moving or rental company will drop the truck off at your home and leave you to it.

Can You Manage?

Many movers rent a self-service moving truck and then realise only afterwards the massive job they have infront of them. You should only hire a self-service truck if you are completely confident that you will be able to carry out the move safely and accordingly. If you don’t think that you’re up to it, get in touch with professional and helpful movers today.

Pick Up the Phone

What are you waiting for? If you want to find out more about renting a self-service truck, hiring experienced movers or what’s involved in the moving process, pick up the phone and contact us at Americanway by dialling 937-898-7294.