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Should I Hire a Mover or Do It Myself?

Moving home When moving home, you could be hit with the dilemma of whether to hire a team of professional movers or attempt to do the entire move yourself. There are pros and cons to both, and at American Way Van and Storage, we’re going to look at these.

Begin Preparing

Before you even decide whether or not to conduct a the move yourself or hire professional movers, you should start preparing nonetheless. There are a number of things that need to be completed before a big move, so the more organized you are, the smoother it will go.

How Much Stuff Are You Moving?

You need to assess the situation first and foremost. If you’re moving lots of items from a relatively large house, it would make sense to hire movers. If you’re only moving some boxes from your flat and leaving the furniture behind, you may be best moving them yourself.

How Far Away is Your New Place?

Let’s say for example you’re moving overseas. In this case, the chances are, you will want to consider moving with professionals. Expert movers, including our team here at American Way Van and Storage, have years of experience and understanding in what’s involved in an international move. It can be a stressful time, so often it’s best left to the guys who know how it’s done. Alternatively, if you are just moving down the street, you probably won’t need a host of movers helping you.

Do You Need Help Packing?

If you have lots of belongings and find the thought of having to pack it all yourself just too stressful, enquire as to whether or not your local moving company can assist you with the packing process. We certainly can!

Speak To Us For More Information

If you’re still not quite decided about whether to hire movers or not, get in touch with us at 937-898-7294 and we’ll discuss your options with you.