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Top 3 Most Important Things to Do Before Your Move

Top 3 Most Important Things to Do Before Your Move

Whether you’re staying local in Dayton, Ohio, or moving out of state, there are certain things you must check off your to-do list before moving to a new home. Here are three of the most important tasks to accomplish prior to loading up the moving trucks.

Change Your Address

Waiting to change your address with friends, family, organizations, employers, and others is a recipe for disaster. Let any important contacts know about your new residence prior to moving there so you can ensure that all of your mail is delivered to the correct location from the get-go.

Get Your Important Documents in Order

Moving to a new house requires a great deal of filing and paperwork, so prepare for that as much as you can. Gather all of your personal documents, medical and school records, important receipts, and other valuable files in a safe place that’s easily accessible. Whatever you do, don’t haphazardly stick an important document somewhere, or you might end up in a nightmare with lost birth certificates or social security cards.

Triple-Check Your Budget and Calendar

Before movers show up to start packing your belongings, make sure that everyone is 100 percent clear on dates, prices, and other vital details. Nothing will derail a move more than hidden fees or other forms of miscommunication. Have a clear conversation with your movers so that everyone is on the same page, financially and logically.

If you live in the Dayton, Ohio, area and are preparing for a move, ask American Way Van & Storage to help you come up with a checklist and handle the important parts of packing, transporting, and caring for your belongings. With American Way, you won’t have to worry about unreliable movers or hidden fees. They’ll help you design a comprehensive plan for your move and provide reliable services throughout the entire process.

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