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Top 5 Ways to Downsize Before a Move

Moving home

When it comes to moving, the less stuff you must pack the better. Attempting to whittle down an entire lifetime of belongings into a smaller home or apartment can be a tough and mentally tiring task. Most prospective movers have no clue how to begin downsizing their lives before the big day. There are a few ways to make the job easier, though.

An Early Start

Like any moving checklist, beginning early is key. You should never wait until the day you sign your contract or a week before the big move. Instead, start as soon as possible. You’ll find it’s easier to organize and you’re less likely to become overwhelmed or tired.

Involve Friends and Family

While most of us certainly have a personal attachment to our prized possessions, receiving a little help from friends and relatives is useful. If you have children, let them help pack their items. You don’t want to load up boxes filled with clothing only to discover your son no longer wants to wear these things. They’re just taking up space at this point.

Evaluate Everything

Before moving, assess the belongings in your current home. You’ll want to take measurements of furniture and bulky items to ensure everything fits in the new house. You’ll want to know how much cabinet space, living room space, and storage space you have available.

Consider Storage

When downsizing, if you discover you simply have too many items, consider a storage locker. Renting a storage unit, even for a brief period, can free up plenty of space for more valuable belongings.

Outdoor Items

This aspect of moving is often overlooked. If you have a garage at your current home, and you tend to store lawnmowers, garden tools, or a snow blower, you’ll want to factor in these bulky items. Where will you store them?

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