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Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to Ohio

Illustration of the state of Ohio. American Way Van & Storage.

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At American Way Van & Storage, we are very proud to call Ohio the home of our moving company, and we always want to tell others about all of its wonderful traits. We are positioned in the heart of the nation, have genuine Midwestern charm, and offer an incomparable culture we believe anyone would be proud to be a part of. Here are some practical things to keep in mind before making the decision to move to Ohio.

Comparable Job Market

In Ohio, we have a comparable job market that has something for everyone. If you are willing to search for it, you can uncover an incredible opportunity. We have a slower growth rate in terms of population, which is typical for a midwestern state. In 2018, the state of Ohio’s unemployment rate was 4.7%, and is reported to be continually in decline. In 2009 it was 10.8%, which profoundly reinforces the strengthening of Ohio’s economy. If you work in the medical field, it is reported that there is an especially high number of potential positions.

Decent Housing and Cost of Living

Despite being a slower-paced state in population growth, Ohio has a lot to offer in the variety of places to live. The best part is that housing is affordable; the median price of homes sold across the state is $133,700. Average apartment rent for a one-bedroom? $579 per month, depending of course, on where it is located. It has been calculated that a single adult’s cost of living is only $10.75 an hour in the state of Ohio, and overall, you are going to have a lot more money in your pocket should you choose to make this move.

Enlist the Help of American Way Van & Storage

We are not only proud Ohioans who would love to welcome you to our state, but we would also like to help get you here. Whether you are moving your home or office to a city in Ohio, we are the commercial and residential moving team you can trust to get the job done. If you are interested in getting a free estimate on the cost of your move, fill out our form online or call us today at 937-898-7294. We are based in Dayton and serve multiple surrounding cities.

Things to Look For in a Storage Facility

Storage unit facility with lock. American Way Van and Storage Inc., Dayton, Ohio.

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Are you in the process of moving? Or, do you just need a little extra space? Storage facilities are convenient, helpful amenities that are available to us today. Usually, for a monthly fee, you can rent your very own unit to store belongings that you are not yet ready to part with, but currently do not have the space for in your home. It sounds simple, and it generally is, but there are necessary considerations to take into account. Listed below are the important factors you need to keep in mind when selecting a storage facility for your possessions.

Is It Genuinely Secure?

As with many companies today, storage facilities can easily tell you what you want to hear in order to gain your business. It is up to you to ask the right questions ahead of time before putting your valuables in their hands. Ask detailed, pointed questions about their security implementations. Do they have a high-quality monitoring system? Is it monitored 24 hours a day? Is there security on site to keep an eye on things? All of these questions should be answered fully by the storage facility representative before you agree to store your belongings there.

Is It Climate Controlled?

If your belongings will be in storage for a while, they’ll likely need to be kept in an environment that is steady throughout Ohio’s changing seasons. Items like furniture and electronics can be ruined if temperatures within the unit become too hot or too cold, so if the storage facility you are looking into is not climate controlled, that should be a dealbreaker.

Can It Detect Other Hazards?

Additionally, your storage facility should have working fire alarms that alert management and emergency services the second there is a fire to put it out. Losing your personal items to a storage facility fire is a horrible situation that can ideally be prevented with adequate precautions. Additionally, ask about other potential hazards and how the facility is equipped to handle them.

Call Us Today With Any Questions

At American Way Van and Storage Inc., we are passi`onate about the storage and transport of your special possessions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are fully prepared to protect your valuables. We offer state-of-the-art storage services in the Dayton, Ohio area and would be happy to speak with you about our storage or moving services. You can reach us at 937-898-7294.

Reasons Why Letting the Moving Company Help With Packing Is a Great Choice

Moving is expensive, no matter what your circumstances are. Between finding a new place to live and transporting all of your belongings there, it can be tempting to cut corners and save a little money on the way. That’s why many people decide to pack their own boxes instead of hiring a professional moving company to do the job. Sadly, those people are missing out on some serious benefits. Paying a moving company to pack your boxes might seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality, you’re paying for invaluable rewards, including the following.

Less Time Spent Preparing

According to a study conducted by researchers in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people who spend money on time-saving services are generally happier than those who do not. By paying movers to pack up your numerous belongings, you’re not just saving yourself tons of energy; you’re literally buying yourself time. This time can be spent on other preparations for the move, dealing with children, or even just decompressing. Time is money, and in this instance, the price tag is worth it.

Better-Protected Belongings

Let’s be honest: even if you do your absolute best to swaddle valuables in bubble wrap and carefully pack every belonging away, something is going to get broken during the course of your move. That’s just the way things go. However, when you hire a moving company to handle your packing, you’re also paying them to go the extra mile when it comes to protecting your stuff.

Moving companies come prepared with plenty of tape, protective bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and other equipment that can protect your belongings. They’ll be able to shield your stuff from damage better than you can, simply because they have more experience packing and own all of the right moving supplies.

An Overall Safer Move

Unless you’re a champion weightlifter, moving heavy box after box is going to take a toll on you and your fellow movers. You probably don’t have heavy-duty dollies on hand or the know-how when it comes to lifting bulky objects like couches. That’s why it’s safer to let movers handle the packing part of the move. They’ll be very safe when it comes to boxing everything up, and you’ll avoid pulled muscles and potential trips to the emergency room.


If you’re truly worried that you cannot afford to hire a moving company for the preparation part of your transition, don’t give up hope just yet. Many moving services will surprise you with affordable prices and/or discounts. For instance, here at American Way Van & Storage in Dayton, OH, we do our best to offer crating and packing services at a reasonable cost to home and business owners.


To learn more about American Way Van & Storage, our services, or how we can help you pack up your belongings, give us a call at 937-898-7294.

6 Tips for Moving in the Heat of Summer

Moving in the heat of summer might not be ideal, but sometimes it must be done. The important thing is to use caution, as sometimes overdoing it in hot, humid conditions leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and that can quickly cause problems. Here’s some tips and tricks for making a hot move during the next few months go smoothly.

1. Try to get as much done as possible in the early-morning hours. Temperatures are usually at their coolest when the sun is hiding, so try to schedule the bulk of your move right after sunrise. Mid-afternoon is the hottest time of day, so avoid doing the hardest work during those hours.

2. Hydrate and wear sunscreen. Nothing makes moving day more stressful than dehydration or a blistering sunburn. Take care of your body to stay in good shape for the remainder of the move.

3. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing. You know you’ll be running around in the sun and sweating, so dress like it. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the situation, and don a ball cap or brimmed hat to protect your head and face from UV rays.

4. Make sure the AC in your new home is already running. The last thing you want is to start unloading all of your boxes in the heat, then walk into a stuffy, sweltering house!

5. First unpack those items that don’t hold up well in the heat. Be strategic while unloading boxes. Some of your belongings will be able to withstand the heat of a hot moving truck much longer than others.

6. Watch for signs of overheating. During the hottest months, it’s very common for people to experience heat-related illness. It’s extremely important to watch for dangerous signs like these – nausea, dizziness, cramps, weakness, or fevers. If someone of any age seems to be suffering from any of these, have them cool down, rest, and drink plenty of water. Restore electrolytes by having some fruit instead of a sugar-loaded beverage. Sometimes medical attention may be necessary.

But there is a “best way” to protect yourself during a hot summer move! Hire a reputable, well-trained moving company like American Way Van & Storage. Not only will they handle all the heavy lifting, they’ll ensure that your move is conducted as quickly and painlessly as possible. Make your summer relocation as easy as possible! Call American Way today at (937) 898-7294.

When a Storage Unit Might Come in Handy During a Relocation

When you decide to pack up all of your belongings and move to a new home, timing is everything. More often than not, your move-in and move-out dates won’t align perfectly. In those cases, things can become a little complicated.

The easiest way to deal with a messy move? Rent a storage unit. You’ll need a place to store a large majority of your belongings until they can be moved into your future home. Not only will you have a little extra space for all of those boxes, you’ll also have an area where you can put bulky pieces of furniture until they can be retrieved at a later time.

You might worry that renting a storage unit is a moving expense you can’t afford, but in reality, it’s a way you can save a little money. Storing your belongings in a moving truck after you leave your old home can be extremely pricey, especially if you’re renting the vehicle by the hour. In comparison, storage units are fairly inexpensive and much more spacious.

Furthermore, most storage units are temperature-controlled. That means you can store sensitive items in there without worrying that the heat or cold will damage anything. Storage units are also safer than moving vans or trucks. Most are equipped with security cameras, trusted personnel, and a personalized code you can use to access your belongings.

In need of a storage unit during your move in the Dayton area? Contact American Way Van & Storage today. They can provide you with convenient storage solutions for homes and businesses that are in transition. Each of their storage facilities is guarded 24 hours a day and is protected against fire, heat damage, and other hazards. Call 937-898-7294 to speak to an American Way Van & Storage representative about various options and prices.

Why Hiring Movers for an Apartment Relocation Is a Smart Idea

As you look around your fairly small apartment, you might wonder why you would need to hire professional movers to help with your relocation. You don’t have that much stuff, and other than carrying the boxes and lifting a few pieces of furniture, the workload isn’t that intense. Is paying for a professional moving company’s services really worth it?

In short, the answer is yes. If you don’t believe it, consider these five big reasons to hire a local apartment moving company.

  1. They’ll save you lots of time. It would probably take you two full days to transport everything in your apartment to your new home, but with hired movers, you’ll be done in a matter of hours. This means you can take less time off of work and enjoy your new living space much sooner.
  1. You’ll protect your health. Be honest: you’re in no shape to lug your huge leather sofa down two flights of stairs, even if you have a friend to help. Movers know the safest and easiest ways to transport awkward furniture and bulky items, and you’ll avoid pulling a muscle or otherwise injuring yourself during the move.
  1. They have all of the proper equipment. Even if you’re a fairly handy person, you probably don’t own fancy moving supplies like high-end dollies or endless amounts of masking tape. When you hire movers, they bring plenty of equipment with them so you don’t have to buy any.
  1. Apartments aren’t that expensive to move. When paying movers to help move from one mansion to another, you may shell out the big bucks, but an apartment relocation is much cheaper because you own fewer items and take up less space. That means you can probably afford to pay for the help.
  1. You won’t have to borrow or rent a truck. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a spacious vehicle that can fit all of your belongings, you’ll probably need to find a way to use another vehicle. That’s yet another moving expense you have to deal with. Instead, just let the movers use their trucks, which are perfectly equipped and protected for the situation.

Need to relocate from one apartment to another in the Dayton, Ohio area? Contact American Way Van & Storage today. They’ll get you situated in your new rental quickly and easily. For more information or to schedule your next move, give them a call today at 937-898-7294.

Why You Should Choose a Professional “Military Mover” Company

Leading a military lifestyle can mean frequent moves for individuals and families, and each of those moves can be costly, stressful, and time-consuming. To ease the burden, consider turning to a military mover company. They help military members and their families transition to a new home quickly and easily. If you or your partner is in the military, here are three reasons you should opt for a military mover company over regular movers.

1. They Have Experience With Military Professionals

Because they work with people in the military so frequently, military mover companies understand exactly what you need. They can provide information and advice that will specifically benefit your transition, and they’ll even prompt you to remember the small details that often fall through the cracks. You can feel more prepared for the transition and stress less.

2. Military Movers WIll Help You Plan Ahead

Between balancing your career and preparing for a big move, it can be difficult to plan everything out. That’s where a military mover company comes in handy: they’ll talk to you about your schedule and get all of the dates booked months in advance so you can focus on handling other important preparation details.

3. They Enjoy Helping Those Who Protect Our Country

Whether they’re boxing up the items of a Marine or helping an Air Force member relocate, military mover companies genuinely respect and protect their clients.They’ll attempt to make this transition as easy as possible and treat you with excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a stress-free military move from Dayton, Ohio, to another state or nation, don’t hesitate to call American Way Van & Storage Inc. They pride themselves on helping servicemen and women for a fair price and will attempt to make your move as hassle-free as possible. They’ll even help you plan out your move in advance so that the transition goes smoothly. To learn more or schedule your next move, call American Way Van & Storage Inc. at 937-898-7294.

How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

International MoversChoosing a long distance moving company who are reputable, reliable and professional can seem like a daunting prospect. There are a number of checks you must do before choosing a moving company to ensure that it is the best one for you and fulfils your moving needs.

Conduct In Depth Research

You wouldn’t buy a new appliance, car or move to a new area without conducting research. This should be no different when it comes to sourcing professional long distance movers. Create a checklist of all the things you want from your moving company and don’t settle with one unless they cover all your needs. You may be looking for storage, help packing or packing supplies, all of which we at American Way Van & Storage can assist you with.

Check Out Client Testimonials

In most cases, the customer is always right. Therefore, checking out the testimonials or customer reviews can be a great indication if the company is professional and reputable. At American Way Van & Storage, we hold maintain an excellent reputation with our customers who use us over and over again.

Use a Professional And Award Winning Long Distance Moving Company

American Way Van & Storage are not only part of the Better Business Bureau, but we have also won over 15 awards in the moving and storage industry which sets us apart from the rest. Before selecting a long distance moving company, ensure they are part of an association and aren’t rogue traders.

Contact Us For A Free Quote

If you’re ready to get in touch and receive a free, no obligation quote, you can do so by getting in touch online, or calling us directly at 937-898-7294. Simply speak to us about what you need and we will tell you how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you about your long distance move.


Benefits of Quality Boxes

Benefits of Quality BoxesWhen it comes to a house move, your mind can sometimes be so preoccupied getting all aspects of the move organized that you could forget to invest in quality packing supplies such as sturdy and strong boxes.

You may think that you can get away with using any old box, but having been in the industry for a number of years, we at American Way and Van and Way knows just how important good quality packing supplies are.

Choose the Right Boxes for Your Items

From the minute you get in touch, we will help you find the best boxes for your items. We offer a number of different packing supplies including box bundles and specialist boxes for delicate or larger items. In addition, we also sell moving blankets, heavy duty tape and a number of other helpful packing resources.

It is essential that your boxes are durable as if they are not, there is a very high chance that they could collapse or the item could become broken inside. We will help you through each and every step of your move from sourcing the packing supplies to helping to pack. We will then conduct your move safely and reliably, which is why we are one of the best moving companies in the Dayton area.

Contact Us to Find Out More

You can call us at any time at 937-898-7294 to discuss sourcing the best packing resources. You can also get in touch if you want to find out about any of our other services including, residential moves, interstate moves, international moves, corporate moves and storage facilities. We will even provide you with handy packing tips as well as the best way to go about making that all important checklist in order for you to stay motivated and organized.