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Tips for Relocating Your Dayton Business or Office

Help Moving your Office

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In addition to planning and preparation, putting together a team of the right people is vital to efficiently managing office relocation, and this includes both internal and external members. Everyone on your staff plays a role, leading up to the most significant factor – hiring the pro movers!

Here are some tips to help you organize a successful business move!

Delegating Office Moving Duties to Employees

  1. Have a New Office Layout Planned and Come Up With a Timeline

    Having notified all the teams of the scheduled relocation, start with space planning by obtaining all possible information on the new premises. This includes dimensions and floor layouts as well as vital elements such as major work zones, electrical setup and storage spaces.

    Keeping each team’s nature of work and your current office layout in mind, begin designing a layout for the new space. Pick volunteers from each division and form a dedicated moving team who can assist you with both ideas and feedback.

    Also, don’t forget to jot down a list of potential areas that need repair or must be revamped so that you have time to make necessary provisions. Considering the scope of work, set a moving timeline and budget and make sure that these goals are communicated loud and clear with everyone in the company.

  2. Assign Tasks

    The first step towards ensuring a seamless office transition is delegating tasks and responsibilities to each team. Work with your moving team to create a thorough task list and schedule them according to their priority and time required in completion.

    Now that you have a clear to-do list, evaluate each task, and decide what is best performed by your employees or specific departments. For example, each employee should maintain a digital record of their work, which may involve scanning documents routinely. Each department’s supervisor must also oversee that their team members responsibly wind up their work and pack up their desks on time.

  3. Monitor the Progress

    Your moving schedule should also include conducting team meetings at defined intervals. Creating a well-communicated process will help you keep track of the progress and ensure that the challenges of each employee are being addressed properly. Any flaws in communication at any stage of an office move can lead to wasted time and effort.

How to Hire Professional Office Movers

Moving a commercial setup to a new location has a lot more to it than what meets the eyes. An ill-planned move can mean delayed deliveries, misplaced important documents, and disrupted operations for several months. However, appointing the right moving company that specializes in commercial and industrial relocation projects will ensure that your relocation management is all squared away!

Do your due diligence in finding out your moving company’s experience and the reliability of their moving crew. Also, have them access your moving needs and solicit a realistic quote to understand what services you will be paying for!

Move Your Office to a New Location With Minimal Interruption to Your Business Operations! Partner With American Way Van & Storage for an Exceptional Move and Storage Services in Dayton, OH. Call Us at 937-898-7294 Today.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Dayton Professional Household Movers?

Why You Should Hire Professional Movers
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Did you have to make extra trips while you were relocating the last time? Or did you misplace some mementos? Relocating by yourself may save a few bucks, but it is not easy. You have to be extremely careful with your belongings as they might not be correctly packed and might get damaged in transit!

This is why it is always recommended that you hire professional help while relocating to a new place. Professionally trained movers can organize your belongings and pack them securely for safe transit. If you are moving locally or to a different part of the nation and don’t want your personal items to be damaged, American Way Van & Storage is your best choice!

Helping You Relocate Locally and Nationally

Your friends might not be ready for a nationwide relocation, but we are! At American Way Van & Storage, we can help you relocate to any location in the country. We deliver your properly packed belongings to your new property without breaking a sweat. While your friends and family may not be well equipped to help, you can count on us for on-time delivery of your items.

We Provide a Perfect Plan

Last-minute overpacking is unavoidable and can often lead to chaos at your place when you are moving your stuff on your own. Furthermore, progressing with such a plan can lead to forgetting certain items. When you hire American Way Van & Storage, we develop a detailed plan for your belongings and pack them securely. We make sure that no item is left behind.

We Protect Your Items From Damage

Not packing your personal belongings correctly or overstuffing boxes may break certain items. Your buddies might throw your items in a box just for the sake of packing them. At American Way Van & Storage, our qualified team organizes and packs your items properly. This helps keep them secure during the moving process. We guarantee safe deliveries.

We Follow a Strict Schedule

Moving your belongings on your own or with the help of your family may involve a lot of breaks and may lead to extending the duration of the packing process. At American Way Van & Storage, our expert team follows a well-organized schedule to deliver your belongings on time. We help minimize the time involved in relocation so that you can settle into your new home without any delays.

Relocating to a new place by yourself can be fun and exciting. But it also involves an element of chaos. This is why American Way Van & Storage are always ready to help. Our team is well versed with the complications you could face while moving and provide effective solutions to deal with them. We are committed to delivering your belongings on-time without compromising the safety of your goods. Call American Way Van & Storage and we’ll help you relocate with ease.

Tips for Moving With Pets in Dayton

Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving to a new home is almost always exciting. But what do you do when you have a beloved pet that you want to bring along with you? Here are a few tips for moving with pets in Dayton.

Tip #1: Pack the Right Supplies

Before you set off on a new adventure, make sure you have the right supplies to care for your pet. For example, you might need a crate for your cat or dog to help keep them comfortable during the journey. For those who plan on flying, make sure this is an airline-sanctioned brand or design. If you have an exotic pet, a special cage or tank with a secure lid might be needed. Also, remember to stockpile a few key items like food and water, treats and a leash, if necessary.

Tip #2: Explore Various Methods of Transportation

Before beginning the move, determine the different methods of transportation required to get your pet to your new home. If this is just across town, you’ll probably just hop in the car and go. But if it is a new city or state, there might be a need for long-distance travel planning for either a road trip or flight. Many airlines have specific requirements for flying pets, including policies that prevent you from moving with a dog during the warm weather months. For long-distance car rides, plan stops accordingly. Determine which one is best for your particular type of pet and the situation at hand.

Tip #3: Consult with a Veterinarian

In some cases, it is important to consult with a veterinarian before moving your pet. This is especially true if you’re moving to Dayton from outside the local area and require long-distance transportation via plane or car. Based on your animal’s individual health level and needs, there might be a recommendation for certain sedation or anti-nausea pills. If they are currently on a special regiment of food or medication, you should also ask for a few weeks supply to help ensure you have enough time to find a new provider in your area.

Tip #4: Give Your Pet Time to Adjust in Their New Home

It’s also important to give your pet time to adjust to life in their new home. Provide food and water consistently along the same schedule they had before. Check the house and yard for potential hazards before allowing the animal to explore on their own. Watch for signs of stress including lack of eating or other abnormal behavior. And be sure to update any licenses, tags or micro-chipping to your new address and jurisdiction.

You love your pet and want them to be with you in your new home. Keeping these above tips in mind ensures everyone has a safe and happy transition to a new residence.

Tips for Moving to a New Apartment

Use these simple tips to make your next apartment move easier.

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Moving is never fun, but many of the headaches associated with moving to a new place can be prevented by planning for the big move ahead of time. Here is a round-up of the best moving hacks that can remove anxiety and keep your move easy and organized!

Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

  • The key to a successful move is meticulous prep-work. Start early and create your checklist of all the tasks involved in your move as well as the important tools and supplies to perform them.
  • Survey every room and sort unwanted items. If your new apartment doesn’t have a lawn, your lawnmower doesn’t need to tag along with you!
  • Let the clutter go! Prepare a garage sale or donate items that can be of value to others. If you’re still left with unwanted items, make storage arrangements.
  • Decide carefully between hiring a professional packaging and moving company or recruiting your friends and family.
  • Book your moving truck in advance (if you choose not to use your own vehicle) and do an inspection. Don’t forget to reserve a parking spot!
  • Make arrangements for pets and kids to ensure their safety. Ask a trusted family member to watch them for you.
  • Buy your packaging boxes, bubble wrap and other necessary supplies beforehand. The more, the better!
  • Begin early and pack smart. Always pack room-by-room and be careful around valuables and antiques.
  • Prevent your fragile items from breaking by packing them with pillows and other soft items.
  • Packing your clothes on hangers can save you time in your new home as you can then quickly unpack, unfold and rehang them in the closet.
  • Label the boxes not just by their content details but also by their destination in your new home and reduce the time spent unpacking.
  • Put your camera to work and click snaps of boxes before you seal them up with tape. Also, take pictures of items that need to be reassembled so that you don’t take a lot of time setting them up again.
  • Prepare a cooler on the day before you are scheduled to relocate. Stock easy-to-grab food items and plenty of drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day.

A Few Must-Do Tasks to Take Care of Before the Big Move

  • Get the final readings and transfer all the utilities.
  • Read the lease and follow the move-out protocols.
  • Get to know your routes to and from work.
  • Remember to do a thorough clean-up before moving out or hire a cleaning company.
  • Get your security deposit funds back.
  • Update your new address with the post office.
  • Save each and every bill and document. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Leave all the keys with the property manager.

American Way Van & Storage is Dayton’s trusted moving company that makes moving organized and affordable for homeowners. Call 937-898-7294 or 800-726-1631 to find out how we can help you!

Moving Overseas – Tips & Tricks to Minimize the Complication of an International Move

Tips for preparing for an international move.
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Are you moving to another country? Your relocation doesn’t have to be complicated. When you hire professional international movers, they will make the process easier. Whether the reason is career driven or for personal change, it can be an overwhelming, albeit exciting, endeavor.

Packing up your home to begin a new life presents challenges long before arriving in a new country. First things first, book your moving company – reliable movers who are qualified for this enormous undertaking. Hire a team that promises to make your transition a smooth one, and then set about getting everything in order for your big move.

Make a Moving

Once you have your passport(s), your new home is waiting for you, and school choices/registration plans are in place, there is still more to cross off that moving checklist.

In addition to the basic tasks of taking a household inventory, purging items that no longer serve your family, and putting stop dates in place for your utilities, here are three important tips to pay attention to:

1. Research Local Laws

Research the laws in the country where you’ll be living, namely regarding importing your vehicle(s) and knowing potential fees and restrictions.

2. Learn the Language

Learn the language of your new country. With today’s technology, it is simple to find translator tools and language programs.If you have children in school, they typically absorb culture and language much faster than adults and can help you communicate while you learn.

3. Review Maps to Learn the Area

If possible, use online satellite maps to familiarize yourself with your new city and your routes between school, work, and home.

Once you are working with the pros, your life transition unfolds like an organized machine. Using efficient movers can take chaos and wrap it up into a tidy adventure.

4. Hire an International Moving Team

With a great moving company, an international move doesn’t have to be complicated. International movers are equipped with supplies to help protect your household possessions, so let this give you peace of mind. Knowing you can rely on an experienced team will reduce stress as your entire life is transported across the ocean.

American Way Van & Storage

Our team of experts works with you before, during, and after your overseas relocation. Based in Dayton, Ohio, American Way Van & Storage offers the best of the best when it comes to your international move. We are known for treating your belongings with the care we would give to our own family. We screen our movers so that you can have the utmost confidence in packing and transporting your valuables to another country. Call today and get your plans underway so this thrilling new adventure can begin: [phone].

Is Corporate Relocation in Your Future? Tips & Tricks to Make the Move Easier

Learn the tips and tricks for preparing for the big move – corporate relocation can be easy.
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What happens when corporate relocation is in your future? Finding a place to call home in a new city can be both thrilling and daunting. Use these helpful tips and tricks to make your move easier with relocation reimbursement, professional movers, and storage solutions.

Learn If
Your Employer Offers a Relocation Package

First of
all, meet with your Human Resources department to inquire about relocation
expense reimbursement. Large companies often provide reimbursement benefits
when they declare it necessary to physically reside in a new city to perform
your job duties. Negotiate your employer’s relocation package to navigate this
expensive burden. Then, choose a residence (short or long term), create a
moving checklist, and secure professional movers.

As part of the relocation package, some companies offer house hunting excursions in advance of the move. As was the case in the past, the higher the level of stature in the company, the more desirable and more inclusive their package options.In today’s workforce, however, Millennials are adept at travel and are flexible in their pursuits. In this global economy, generous corporate relocation assistance is not uncommon.

a Moving Checklist

Employees who choose to move for their job can benefit from the organization of a moving checklist. Working with a checklist ensures details of the move are not missed. Purge when possible, contact financial institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities, and secure movers. Take inventory of all that will be moved into the new residence and eliminate everything that is not necessary. Keeping less will make packing and shipping much easier.

places of your change of address, such as your bank and utility companies. Be
sure to forward medical records to new providers, refill prescriptions, and
research moving companies unless this aspect is handled by your employer.

Hire a
Moving Company and Storage Solutions

Some large
companies recommend a trusted moving team when relocating an individual or
their family. Even if not handled by your employer, you should go about hiring
a team of experienced movers. It is imperative that your furniture and precious
items are treated with care and transported by workers with integrity.
Professional movers can pack your belongings and also unpack them once you
reach your destination. Determine your needs, book your moving company, and
decide if you’ll need a storage solution.

In the case where you must start working prior to moving into your new home or before your belongings are delivered, container storage may be helpful. Once your container is packed with your goods, it will be sent to a facility with a controlled environment, where your items will remain secure in the interim. With the convenience of storage, you can manage your wardrobe and necessities before the actual move. Contact the professionals at American Way Van & Storage, Inc. to ensure that your corporate relocation is a seamless transition. Dayton, Ohio’s best relocation service offers a free estimate when you fill out their online form or call the team at [phone]. We make your move easy!

Downsizing Your Home to Prepare and Pack For a Cross-Country Move

Tips on how to prepare you home for a cross country move.
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Whether you are preparing for a cross-country move or contemplating moving internationally, you are probably in need of a few great long distant moving tips. From the moment that you decide to move, to packing up your cherished household items, the day that your items are delivered to your new home, the following tips will help you to stay stress-free throughout the entire journey. In fact, some of these tips just might help you save a dollar or two as you prepare to live in a new state or country. 

Moving Tips and Packing Tips

Downsizing your home and packing for your cross-country move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Instead, through the following five moving tips, you can successfully pare down your belongings, stay on schedule, and move without a hitch. 

1. Pare down your belongings.

Downsizing takes time. There are no shortcuts, however, the rewards can be great. As you sort through the basement, garage, attic, and junk drawers, remember that labeling boxes is critical to staying organized. Make a list of items that you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw out. The items that you are donating, selling, or throwing out should be placed in their associated boxes. Remember that the smaller moving truck you need, the less your items you weigh, and the fewer boxes that you have, the less expensive your move will be. 

2. Sell items that have value.

A moving sale is a great way to downsize. From the appliance that you never used to the dress that you forgot you owned, there are countless items in your house that can be sold. If organizing an entire moving sale sounds too stressful, then you can always turn to social media or Craigslist to easily sell your items for top dollar. 

3. Stay on schedule.

Staying on schedule is one of the most overlooked moving tips. Besides downsizing and packing, there are countless administrative tasks that you will need to complete before your big move. By setting a schedule (and sticking to it) you can make your cross-country move as smooth as butter. 

4. Make an inventory list.

When you begin to think about packing, don’t forget to make an inventory list. As any good long distance movers will tell you, when you move far away, your belongings could be spread across states or even continents. An inventory list is a great way to make sure that you know exactly what you are planning on moving, where it is located, and when it arrives.  

5. Pack boxes with distance in mind.

Packing for a long distance move is a little bit different than packing for a local move. Be sure to take extra care with fragile items. You should also carefully label your boxes so that your movers know which items are fragile. Another tip to keep in mind is to organize as you pack. Unpacking will be significantly easier if you know what items are in each box and where the items will go in your new house. For example, you might put all of your office supplies into one box, so that when it arrives you know it should go into your new office. You can also label each box with a number that directly corresponds to your inventory list. 

Hire the Right Long Distance and International Movers 

If you are moving across the country or overseas, then you should hire the most trustworthy long distance and international movers. American Way Van & Storage is proud to be a family-owned company with decades of moving experience. From understanding your individual needs to securely transporting your household items, our family is dedicated to helping your family enjoy a safe and stress-free move. To learn more about our residential moving services, we invite you to contact us today

Where to Buy Moving Supplies in Dayton, OH

Find the perfect moving supplies in Dayton, OH, from a local moving company.
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When the time comes to pack your entire home or office, you need the right moving supplies to get the job done. It’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of your move. Sure, you could save yourself some money by using old cardboard boxes and messy newspaper. But transporting your possessions in such a manner is sure to lead to damage. Instead, find a professional moving service offering top moving supplies to get the job done right.

The supplies you need may include moving boxes, packing peanuts, packing tape, padding, crates, and maybe even a hand truck to move large furniture or heavy boxes. These tools and items are invaluable during the moving process.

Where to Buy Moving Supplies

If you need moving supplies but don’t know where to start searching, a quick online search will bring up a number of fantastic resources. You’ll be directed to all of the usual suspects, including the likes of U-Haul, Walmart, and even Home Depot. U-Haul is a specialty company, first and foremost. As such, the prices for their moving supplies can vary. You may pay an arm and a leg for a few boxes. It all depends on what you need.

But then, you have Walmart and Home Depot – big box stores known for their wide selection of goods and services. Here, you’re likely to find cheap moving supplies. You would be no better off than using old cardboard boxes to pack and move the contents of your home.

Local Moving Supplies

Your other option – your best option – is to source local moving supplies from a professional moving company. Here at American Way Van & Storage in Dayton, OH, for example, we offer a large variety of high-end moving supplies ranging from small boxes for children’s toys to television cases designed for safety and security.

Furthermore, local moving companies are better able to partner with brands known for their quality products. Here, we are partnered with National Van Lines – a renowned moving company known for offering exceptional moving supplies in the industry. They’re some of the best. You then get to enjoy that same quality for the right price.

When you need to relocate your home, everything you own, or your business, trust in American Way Van & Storage to provide the right moving supplies to meet your needs. Schedule top-rated moving services or find boxes and packing peanuts by calling [phone]!

How Much Does a Local Move Cost in Dayton, OH?

Before you hire a professional moving company, receive a quote today.
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When you’re planning for a local move in Dayton, OH, the cost is going to be a big factor in selecting a moving company. You want to know exactly what you’re paying for professional moving services, packing supplies, and transportation. Unfortunately, it’s tough to say for sure exactly how much your move will cost, as there are factors to consider. These factors include the size of your move, distance, and labor requirements, among other things. You can at least start preparing today, then you’ll be ready for your big local move.

Local Moving Costs in Dayton, OH

The national average for a local move is right around $2,300 for a team of four movers. That equates to $200 per hour, give or take, depending on the company you choose and their current prices. Of course, if you have more possessions or heavier items, then you’ll need a bigger team of movers, a bigger truck, and increased moving insurance.

To determine the cost of your local move in Dayton, OH, you’ll need to narrow down the factors involved. These factors include labor costs, extra services such as packing or furniture assembly, and your packing supplies. You should always ask your chosen moving company what add-ons they include in the price or are available for an additional cost.

Hourly Rates When Moving

Packing and moving an entire home is a lot of hard, strenuous work. If you plan on packing yourself, then you’re looking at hours of sweaty, back-breaking work. But, by hiring professionals, you’re spending more money on the move but getting the job done right without any risk of injury to yourself. A professional mover is trained and equipped to handle big loads. They can transport furniture, navigate stairwells, and successfully load a truck for maximum capacity.

For this level of service, you can expect to pay an hourly rate. Most moving companies will quote you for the entire job. In their records, they break down this quote based on any add-ons you’ve requested and the hourly rate of their moving team.

Here are a few hourly rate averages:

  • For two movers and a single truck, expect to pay around $100 an hour.
  • For three movers with a single truck, expect to pay $145 per hour.
  • For four movers and two trucks, you’ll pay around $200 per hour.

Along with these hourly rates, most moving services also have service fees included and insurance options to keep you covered and protected. These are both additional costs that are added on to your total price. You’ll want to check with the moving company to see what fees they include.

For exceptional moving services at an affordable rate in Dayton, OH, contact American Way Van & Storage. You can make your upcoming local move easier by calling 937-898-7294 today!

Six Packing Tips for a Long-Distance Move

Prepare for your long-distance move with expert tips.
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Preparing for a long-distance move is an adventure. You’re about to embark on a trip to an entirely new place. It’s a lot to take in all at once. For many, a move like this is a fun new experience. For others, it’s one of the most stressful experiences they’ll face. There’s just so much packing and planning involved!

With these expert long-distance moving tips, we hope to make your upcoming relocation a breeze, no matter how far away you’re traveling.

Start Planning for Your Long-Distance Move Now

You’re about to pack all of the contents in your home. Everything you own will be stuffed into cardboard boxes and loaded into a moving truck. That requires a great deal of effort and planning, so it pays to begin preparing today rather than waiting until the last minute.

When it comes to planning, you’ll want to consider packing supplies, the best route to take, gas prices, budgetary needs, food for the trip, and when to hire an experienced moving company. Make a checklist of all these tasks and stick to it as the moving date approaches.

Stick to a Moving Schedule

Now that you have your plan in place, it’s time to stick to the schedule and complete each item in an order. If you start jumping around, small tasks will fall by the wayside. For instance, if you are aiming to pack an entire room one weekend, try to accomplish the task on time so that you can move onto the next to-do list item.

Consider writing down tasks on the calendar and allotting specific days to certain tasks. That way, you can hold yourself accountable.

Update Your Information Before Leaving

If you know where you’re moving, start updating your information early. You’ll need to change your driver’s license and registration, insurance documents, and mailing address. These are small tasks that are often forgotten if not put on the to-do list.

Get Firm Estimates From Your Moving Company

A long-distance move requires a helping hand. Hiring an experienced moving company can make a world of difference. First, you need to find one for the right price that can assist with the relocation and provide moving supplies.

Start by calling local moving companies. Explain your situation, tell them where you are moving, and ask for a price estimate. You’ll want to receive a few quotes before deciding on one company, and make sure those estimates are firm.

Find the Best Moving Insurance

Whether you’re packing everything you own or just the necessities, you likely have a few valuables in your boxes. You’ll also want to provide protection and security for these sentimental or expensive items. Sit down with your insurance agent and discuss moving insurance, a temporary policy that helps protect your items while in transit.

Hire an Experienced Moving Company

Now that you have received a few quotes and have moving insurance, it’s time to hire a reputable moving company. Start with the quotes you received, then research the reviews and services offered by each company. Many moving services also provide packing services to make your life easier. Consider all of your options before pulling the trigger.

For long distance moving services, call American Way Van & Storage at 937-898-7294. We have an experienced team ready to help you plan and prepare for your big move. We’ll tackle everything from logistics to packing supplies!