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How to Safely Pack Glasses and Cups

Posted on November 19th, 2018

Packing up your entire home is stressful and overwhelming. Moving is not easy, and, while dealing with a ton of different things at once, you may become lazy with packing just to conquer the task. But, that cannot happen for rooms like your kitchen, which requires extra care in order to keep your dishware and other items in their best condition. There is a proper way to pack these pieces, specifically glasses and cups.

The Materials

When it comes to packing glasses and cups, you will need a few items. The first is a sturdy box that can be purchased at any kind of home improvement store. You’ll also need a good amount of packing tape to make the box. It is important to make sure that the tape you purchase is not duct tape or masking tape, as they will not adhere nearly as well; the last thing you need is the box holding your glasses to burst open while you are carrying it. From there, you need a large amount of packing paper, which can also be purchased at home improvement stores. You can go with a bubble option for added shock absorption, or even utilize old newspapers if you have them.

The Method

For glassware, pack the heaviest items first and finish up with daintier items. Lay all of the paper out flat, and start by taking your densest glasses, like coffee mugs, and laying each one individually in the center of the piece of packing paper. Take each corner of the surrounding piece and insert it into the open end. Later, when the heavy bottom layer is all done, you can do the exact same thing with teacups. You will also need to wrap them. As for other glasses and stemware, take a crumpled piece of packing paper and put it inside of the glass. This will serve as extra cushioning, and will do more than you may think should unexpected jostling occur. Then, wrap them! Start at one end, lay the glass down diagonally, and roll the paper. For more delicate pieces, double wrapping is a good idea. If the day-to-day glasses you use are a denser glass, you may opt to stack them by putting a piece of sturdy paper in between each glass. But, if you choose to do this, be sure to put them in a fuller box with plenty of cushioning.

Call American Way Today

American Way Van & Storage knows packing and moving better than anyone, so when it comes to your next residential move, we have you covered. If the do-it-yourself way is not for you, do not worry. We offer full-service packing and crating services, so all you have to do is relax! Call us today at [phone] for any questions or to schedule a move with us. We are based in Dayton, Ohio.

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Five Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Posted on October 31st, 2018

Large amount of packing boxes for moving. American Way Van & Storage.

Photo by Africa Studio for Shutterstock

Moving is a complicated process. We know you don’t need us to tell you that! But it is a painstaking, gradual, and sometimes stressful ordeal – even with a wonderful result at the end of it. You are essentially uprooting all of your life and possessions, packing them up in a truck or van, and heading out. If you have never done it before, it can be especially overwhelming. But believe us when we say that there’s an art to moving – more specifically, there is an art to packing. Here are five packing tips for you to use the next time you are preparing to move.

1. Large Boxes Are Not for Heavy Items

While you are packing, you will undoubtedly think that the larger the box, the bigger & heavier the things you can put into it! Well, no – this is actually a common mistake, because what happens when you have a large box filled with your heaviest items? You get one that weighs a ton! That will be too much for you to handle, and it may even be too heavy for movers to lift without help. Definitely use smaller boxes for heavier items.

2. Keep Specific Items for Each Room in Their Own Boxes

For organizational purposes, it will be much better to have items from each of the rooms in your house in their allocated boxes. When you get to your new property, it will be much easier that way. If you’re unloading a box with things from your living room and you open up the kitchen or bedroom items, things just get complicated. You’ll save time when you keep “room boxes” separated.

3. Label Well

There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to thoroughly and clearly label your boxes. It’s for your benefit, the movers’ benefit – trust us, everyone will benefit! We recommend numbering your boxes to easily keep an inventory when you reach your new home. Labeling also allows you to indicate when there are breakable items in a certain box. And of course, label the boxes with the room they belong to for additional organization.

4. Wrap Fragile Items

When you’re packing up your kitchen, or are dealing with glass or breakable items, you need to wrap them thoroughly. You can purchase packing paper from any home improvement store, but even towels, sheets, or other fabric items in your home can serve as awesome cushioning while the items are en route. Did you know that with your dishes, it’s important to always pack them on their side and not atop each other? That’s absolutely accurate. Cups and bowls can be stacked in a box but need to have something in between them. Both will require extra forms of padding for more shock absorption.

5. There Cannot Be Too Much Tape

Moving is a jostling, fast-paced process, between packing the boxes, loading up the truck, and unpacking boxes again. For this reason, you do not have to hold back on the tape when you’re loading up the boxes. A worst-case scenario would be a box popping open – especially if there are breakables, as it could mean disaster.

American Way Is Ready

At American Way Van & Storage, we are ready for whatever residential move you have in store for yourself and your family. We are also experts at packing, and offer comprehensive packing and crating services when you find yourself literally too busy or overwhelmed in the process. To begin planning your move, call us today at 937-898-7294 for a free estimate. We are based in Dayton and serve cities across Ohio.

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Benefits of Quality Boxes

Posted on February 4th, 2015

Benefits of Quality BoxesWhen it comes to a house move, your mind can sometimes be so preoccupied getting all aspects of the move organized that you could forget to invest in quality packing supplies such as sturdy and strong boxes.

You may think that you can get away with using any old box, but having been in the industry for a number of years, we at American Way and Van and Way knows just how important good quality packing supplies are.

Choose the Right Boxes for Your Items

From the minute you get in touch, we will help you find the best boxes for your items. We offer a number of different packing supplies including box bundles and specialist boxes for delicate or larger items. In addition, we also sell moving blankets, heavy duty tape and a number of other helpful packing resources.

It is essential that your boxes are durable as if they are not, there is a very high chance that they could collapse or the item could become broken inside. We will help you through each and every step of your move from sourcing the packing supplies to helping to pack. We will then conduct your move safely and reliably, which is why we are one of the best moving companies in the Dayton area.

Contact Us to Find Out More

You can call us at any time at 937-898-7294 to discuss sourcing the best packing resources. You can also get in touch if you want to find out about any of our other services including, residential moves, interstate moves, international moves, corporate moves and storage facilities. We will even provide you with handy packing tips as well as the best way to go about making that all important checklist in order for you to stay motivated and organized.

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